WiFI Problems?

If you are experiencing WiFi/network problems such as connectivity issues, connections dropping or have areas of poor quality WiFi coverage we can help.

These often start with Why is my WiFi not working?

To answer that question we will talk to you to understand what symptoms you are experiencing. We have the knowledge and skills to identify the issue and propose an appropriate solution to resolve your problem.

The symptoms we see are likely to include:

Connection issues – where a device is unable to connect to a router or modem.

Dead zones – where there is slow or no WiFi.

Poor quality WiFi – for example, there are slow speeds or customers experience dropouts and disconnects.

Our customers also ask how can they improve, or extend, their WiFi?

How do we use WiFi in a room that has no coverage?

We can advise on appropriate solutions to extend your WiFi coverage to areas that have unreliable or no coverage. We supply and fit/install wired and WiFi solutions to meet your needs.

We often get asked which hardware would be best for a particular task, should it be wired or WiFi?

This will depend upon several factors, we can advise on appropriate solutions, supply and fit/install wired and WiFi solutions to meet your needs.

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