Point to Point WiFi

A WiFi Point to Point (PtP) Installation is a simple and effective way of delivering a high-quality WiFi or Network to an outbuilding, cabin, Shepherd’s Hut, gymnasium or detached garage which is too far away from your main WiFi network.

Point to Point Wi-Fi can span distances from around 10 metres all the way up to several miles! It is an excellent way of getting high-quality signals where an external cable run isn’t an option. You may have work building across the road a farm building or cattle shed that needs to connect to your Network.

The main limitation of installing a Point to Point WiFi is that it is essential to have a clear line of sight between the buildings you wish to link. WiFi Point to Point devices can be wall mounted externally or at height on a roof, chimney, or pole. We are experts at working at height.

How it works

Firstly a Wired device is added to your Network that Broadcasts to the remote location. At the far end, a receiver passes the signal to a local cabled/or WiFi network. The receiving end can then run any number of devices such as computers, a network switch, WiFi Access Point or IP CCTV Cameras. It is possible to connect one or more buildings using this technology.

Point to Point WiFi - How it works.

It is also possible to connect multiple buildings via Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) connections. This is useful if you have separate outbuildings that need, for example, IP security cameras or other equipment to run over the network. Again the key is having a clear line of sight between the equipment.

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