Repair and Independent Installation service for Sky Customers.

We provide a same day repair and an independent installation service for Sky customers. Our callout fee starts at £49 and we are equipped to fix all common problems during our visit.

Sky Callout From £49 Only

Sky Repairs

We will fault find and repair, or replace, satellite dishes, LNBs (the bit that transfers the satellite dish signal to the cables), cabling, sockets/connectors and all internal connections from a single outlet to extensive multi room installations.

We can also fault find and provide fixes for WiFi, and wired, internet connected Smart TVs and devices.

Sky Installation

We install the satellite to meet your requirements. We are specialists in installing Sky capable solutions for listed buildings, high rise buildings, off building (garden/outside installation) that are sympathetic to your building and its surroundings.

Our installation service is perfect for when everything has to be just right. We will ensure that all equipment is fitted discretely, and that all cable work is routed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, as a result your installation will be perfect for your location and building.

This is essential for listed buildings or properties in a conservation area, where the aesthetic implications of an installation are a primary concern.

If Sky say they can’t install your satellite, then we probably can.

We Can Help You…

We carry out work for Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Mobile Homes and Caravans.

Including Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Pubs, Rest Homes, Tall Buildings and Listed Properties, all places are
catered for.