WiFi Connected Smart TV

What is a WiFi Internet Connected Smart TV and how we can help with you with installation?

A WiFi Connected Smart TV is the name given to televisions that can be connected to the internet and offer the option of showing internet based services such as iPlayer, ITVHub, YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, All4, Demand5, Now TV etc*.  Sometimes they are also called a ‘connected TV’ and the services are often called ‘streaming services’.

It’s also possible to convert an older TV into a Smart TV by using a small device which enables it to connect to the internet. These devices are similar to a small set-top box or a small USB memory stick.

These devices enable your TV to use internet services in the same way as a Smart TV, They are often controlled from your Smartphone / Tablet or from an included remote control.

Typically Smart TVs require you to have a 2.5Mbps internet connection as a minimum to access streaming services.

How We Can Help

We can install and connect your Smart TV to your router, using WiFi or cable (a wired connection). This will allow your TV to use the internet based streaming services.

We also sell and can set up a small set top device to make your non-Smart TV Smart.  Again we can connect this using WiFi or a cabled connection as best fits your needs.

We will show you how it works and ensure everything is working 100% as expected.

We can also wall mount your TV and discreetly hide the cabling for your new Smart TV.

* Note, some internet streaming services will require a paid subscription to access them.